Winding down the the 2015 harvest~ This week will be the last Recipe Swap for this year.  I want to thank everyone who has participated in sharing recipes.  The Recipe Swap was so much fun and so full of fantastic recipes.  Truly, thank you.

Though this is the last Recipe Swap for the season I will be leaving it open so that recipes can continue to be added.  I have also reversed the order so that the latest recipes will be on the top.  So feel free to check on new recipe posts weekly.

Foppema’s Farm will be open until November 25th.  On that day is the sale of all sales that customers eagerly wait for; the half price sale.  It is also a special day when everyone comes out to say goodbye until next season.  For this weeks post I want to give you some storage ideas for those carriages full of veggies I know you will be buying.

The wonderful thing about winter vegetables is that they last a long time if stored properly.  And storing them properly is not difficult at all.


Apples are so easy as they just want a cool place.  They do very well in breezeways and mudrooms that may get very cold but not below zero.  So go ahead and get a bushel or two of your favorites so you will have plenty for Thanksgiving and beyond.


Squash like it to be a little cool but not cold and store very well.  Acorn squash typically lasts 4 weeks, Spaghetti squash 5-8 weeks, Buttercup up to 13 weeks, Butternut 6months and Blue Hubbard 6-7 months.  A closet works great.  If the squash are too cold they will spoil sooner than later.


Pumpkins are so versatile that you absolutely need a few extras for winter.  Store the same way you would squash or prepare them for desserts and store in the freezer.


Carrots store beautifully in the fridge.  Fill your bottom bin with them and you will have them for weeks.  They are great for soups, making carrot juice and as a stand alone vegetable.  So go ahead and stock up.

Cauliflower and Broccoli

Cauliflower and Broccoli are so easy freeze.  Simply blanch for 4 minutes, cool, add to freezer bags, and freeze.  So delicious you’ll be hooked on freezing your own.  Freeze whole or cut to bite size pieces.

Dehydrating is just as easy.  Blanch, cool, and add to dehydrator.  They are finished when they clang when dropped on the counter.

Take advantage of this wonderful sale that Ken and Lisa offer on their last day.  Stock up and have great quality farm fresh food at your fingertips way beyond the growing season.

YouTube is a great resource for information on storing food.  If you have a particular item you want to store, check them out for ideas.


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imageButternut Squash Soup

Last week we had some great recipes shared on the Recipe Swap.  Our Feature (most viewed) Recipe of all the recipes was the Butternut Squash Soup submitted by Michelle at Grammie Time. Thank you,  Michelle for sharing your recipe at the Recipe Swap.

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