Tomatoes, Dehydrated~
Savoring the taste of summer tomatoes all winter is as easy as one, two, three when you dehydrate them. For this post I have dehydrated an assortment of small tomatoes. They make great snacks eaten dried (wait until you taste them), or you can add them to soups, stews, spaghetti sauce for thickening, or rehydrate for salads. If you were wanting to try dehydrating this is the perfect beginners project.
  • Tomatoes*( your preference), sliced to about ¼" thickness
  1. Wash tomatoes removing stems and any unsightly marks.
  2. Slice approximately ¼" thick and lay out on the dehydrator trays that have been lined with parchment paper.
  3. Place in dehydrator and set at 120 degrees F. Do not worry if your dehydrator does not have a temperature setting. It will work just fine.
  4. When tomatoes are finished they will still have some flexibility to them, but they will also make a clanging noise when dropped on a counter. It will take approximately 12-24 hours depending on your dehydrator.
  5. Place dehydrated tomatoes in an airtight container like a canning jar, add an oxygen absorber, and keep in a cool, dark place (cupboard).
Recipe by Foppema's Farm Recipes at